Johny Pham

FALLEN ANGELS Event Movie Poster for the Revue Cinema, 2024
Children often look out a window, daydreaming a view that seems out of this world after watching television. It seems like a beginning of a creative mind.

Watercolours on Cold-Press
35.87 x 46.67cm
View of a Heron on a cold misting summer morning. Reflecting on the still pond that no fish were to be seen. This creature brings out the view of a doubled speared lance ready to strike its meal.
Watercolours on Cold-Press
18 x 26 cm
A menacing stare of an old gray cat from an old decaying barn that has seen better days. Wanting to capture this old tom like an antagonist from a horror movie poster. 
Watercolours on Cold-Press
17 x 14.5cm
The Humble Hummingbird Knight, Guardian of the Shrine of Sweet Nectar that was blessed from the Gods. A short imaginative story that came across my mind while watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.
Watercolours on Cold-Press
21 x 29.1 cm
Do you have what it takes to kill a creature that is vicious to domestic animals, yet beautiful in the act, when gazing upon this creature staring back to you trying to survive?
Watercolours on Cold-Press
21 x 28 cm
Listen away to loud heavy-duty music without a care of surroundings or gazes upon you when those around hear the disturbances of furious beats that punches through an eardrum. 
Watercolours on Cold-Press
20 x 20cm
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